Southampton, NY

„Paris Q16“  (Street map)

Canvas on wall


Left side 87 x 265inch (one peace)

Right side 87 x 196inch (one peace)


Architect: Stanford White

Hanover Germany

New building “nanos“ Koernerplatz // 2023

Title: “Born in Hanover“ 2023


Thomas Vielhaber // Stadtbaurat LH Hanover

Dr. Reinhard Spieler // Director Sprengel Museum Hanover

Wolfgang Schneider // ASP Architects Schneider Meyer Partner Hanover Hamburg

Ingrid Weinreich // hanova WOHNEN GmbH Hanover


Robert Drees // Gallery Drees Hanover

Karsten Klaus // hanova WOHNEN GmbH

New Building „nanos“ Hanover // Koernerplatz //

color selection

New building „nanos“ Koernerplatz // art in architecture 2023 Hanover Germany


Project: Leuchtenbergring, Berg am Laim, Dingolfinger Strasse

[Allgemeine Suedboden Grundbesitz Verw. GmbH]

The artist Frank Wurzer has been dealing with city maps for decades. They help people to orientate themselves in unknown places. The letters and numbers (grid squares) within a map help the viewer to find his location. These works serve the Berg am Laim project in Munich as a template for noise protection glass and facade design.

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Paris_Q16 • 2017 • 665,35 x 577,56inch • foil on glass • Leuchtenbergring

München_K20 • 2017 • 677,17 x 670,87inch • foil on glass • Berg am Laim

Rom_H2 • 2017 • 318,50 x 666,14inch • foil on glass • Dingolfinger Strasse


Project: Infanteriestrasse

[Allgemeine Suedboden Grundbesitz Verw. GmbH]

2016 • silhouetten • 149,61 x 641,73inch • acrylic • Infanteriestrasse

New York Office installation

Project: Manhatten, 600 3rd Ave

[Energy Impact Partners]

2017 • 216,54 x 110,24inch • foil on glass

Airport Zurich

[AAS, Airline Assistance Switzerland AG]

2018 • 175,98 x 118,11 inch • Photo on foil